Monday, September 1, 2008

iFri: Memories

A very special day.

It has been a busy year, and while my postings on Illustration Friday have been scarce, I haven't completely given up art.  Much of my recent time has been devoted to planning our wedding.  It was so much fun creating all of the artwork for this event and infusing so many personal details into the ceremony and reception.  Here are some of the fruits of our labors...

 Edith Meyer (from Santa Cruz, CA) created this cake based off of elements from the invitations.  I don't know if you can tell from this angle but the vines actually float off the surface of the cake - how cool is that!?  It not only looked amazing but it is the best cake I have ever tasted.   

The cake photo is courtesy of Cliff Brunk.   He and his wife Malarie really did an amazing job documenting our day.  We are so happy with our photos. You should definitely check out his blog!  Brunk Photography

We made our own cake toppers to look like our actual cars.   How did we do?

Overall it was such an amazing day with memories that we will cherish for years to come.  If I could offer any bit of advice to anyone tying the knot, put as much of your own personality into the day as you can.  It will make the day so special to you and will really give your friends and family a true sense of who you are.  

 Above Photo credit:  Brunk Photography
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  1. I absolutely loooooove all the little details of your wedding! How beautiful and funny was everything... and the pics are stunning!

    My favorite think? Your little cake's dolls lol


  2. Happy Happy Joy Joy Joy!!!! This is great. I love weddings. It's a lot that goes into the planning of one. I'm sure when things get settled you'll be back sharing more of your wonderful illustration with all of as. Enjoy your very, very special day! Great illustrations and pictures.

  3. Every single bit of your work for your wedding is terrific. I especially liked the make with the monster in the bay. Very cool.

  4. your wedding is so fun!!! love the whole thing! ^_^

  5. Awesome, Amazing, Sooooo dang cool! I don't know what else to say. You made it the coolest wedding ever!

  6. Congratulations! You certainly will have memories of this and thank you for sharing the fun.

  7. best wedding ever! Everything was beautiful and gnattastic and davetastic!

  8. Wow!!!! congratulations!!
    I love the cake with those little cars! Adorable.